Review of Nisiros island, Greece

Nisiros is a volcanic island, located in the South East Aegean Sea.

Ideal for nature lovers it offers a unique landscape due to the active volcano that created the island and still shakes it sometimes.

In addition to the natural beauty of the colourful rocks, almost all types of beach and the picturesque sunset, the island is habituated since the ancient times, so the history of the place creates a unique atmosphere. Almost like a time capsule, people of Nisiros denied to follow modern day era, so you can meet a place that almost lives in the 90’s.

Access is only possible by ship, but there is an option of flying to the nearby Kos island and board a small transporting boat that will carry you to this marvellous place.

There is no nightlife in Nisiros, forget wild parties and loud music. This is a place of relaxation, art and blending with nature. Ideal for couples and people who want to take a break from modern day rushing pace.

Do not omit to visit the volcano, consisting of three craters where you can feel the hot magma that lies beneath it as well as the mountain villages, in which you can admire the view and eat delicious local cuisine. There are also hot baths and the prehistoric castle that is now being restored by the archaeologists.

The capital of Nisiros is the village “Mandraki” from which you can find small boats that will take you to the nearby tiny island “Yiali” which is ideal for swimming in the crystal clear the Aegean Sea.

But also the beaches of Nisiros are very clear and worth swimming there. There is also a famous naturists beach on the back side of the island, very famous for the naked swimmers and campers that visit the island every year.

You will need a car or a bike if you want to roam all over the island but if you like walking you can walk, at least among the most important spots.


A place worth visiting for relaxing vacations.