Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Custom Artistic Media Content
    We can create custom videos, films, and photos for your advertising and other needs.
    Our highly skilled artists can ensure that you will get the best of quality while having an artistic touch in every project. There will be no limitation on how to use your custom made material nor we will charge extra for large audiences.
  • Videography
    Our team creates videos for both internal projects, and external clients. Feel free to browse our content to see if it mathces your needs.
    Read more in our videography content section.
  • Photography
    We use the best of cameras and equipment but our secret of success is our highly skilled artists. Dedicated to deliver stunning photos, not only technically correct but always with an artistic impression. for more info, please visit our photography page.
  • 3D & 2D Animation
    As a sepparate type of Video, 3D animation and 2D animation manages to trigger the feelings of the audience that’s why is so poppular, especially among the yourger audiences.
    We are using the latest, state of the art software, to deliver artworks that you will admire.
  • IT Services
    For companies that do not have an inclusive IT department, we can provide complete packages of online presence management, including but not limited to website creation, website hosting, e-mail management, and more.
    Check out our IT Services page for more.
  • Business consulting

We are commited to provide excellent products in the minimum of time.


Videography and 3D animations as well as Films and documentaries customized on your needs.

Explore our database of videos and animations that we have created and feel free to order the ones that you require or send us a requistion for your custom needs. We can create and deliver as well as customize our existing videos in order to perfectly fit your needs.

Our video library mainly consist of:

  • Documentaries
  • Video background
  • Relaxing videos
  • Theatrical Backdrops
  • Travel Videos
  • Cooking videos
  • Spa & ambient space videos
  • Music Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Maritime training & Ship Drills


Website creation, mailserver setup, remote assistance and troubleshooting…

For every need of yours in the digital world we are here to setup, maintain and assist you. We have highly skilled techicians who can ensure robust, safe and fast solutions for all of your needs.

Website Creation
Static or dynamic, for simple company presentation or dynamic content, we have a solution tailored in your needs.
Email Hosting
We can advise you and setup your accounts on the best choices available.
Domain name setup and maintainance
We can find and register for you, the best domain names in the most reliable and cost effectife registars.
Network installation consulting
We can test your network and find any potential missonfiguration and rectify it.
Network security advise
Our team of experts can setup your network in the most secure way.
Network penetration testing
Need to launch a massive attack on your network in order to expose it’s weakneses? We can do that for you and report you about our findings.

Sample Content

Samples of our work can be found here:

Warning! By clicking on any of the above links you are being transferred to external sites and cookies may be stored on your computer. Dirfimedia OU has no responsibility and control outside our webside.


Our team of Photographers can deliver to you the best content in a variety of genres such as:

  • Glamour
    By using high-end equipment, fresh and selected models in combination with skilled and professionally trained photographers.

  • Artistic
    Where technical rules stop, art begins, or not? Our artists are well known and deliver trully artistic results in whatever needs you have.

  • Astrophotography
    For those who love the nightsky, by using special equipment we can deliver true and accurate photos of the stars.

  • Panorama
    Why stay on 2 dimentions? We can deliver 360x180 panoramas, according to your needs.

  • Aerial photography
    Our drone experts in cooperation with our photographers can deliver awesome bird’s eye images just for you.

  • Advertising Photography
    We can produce cutting-edge quality of photos for your products or services.


Complete media packages for your advertising needs including photos, videos, Logos and animations.

We deliver the best quality of media in order to present your products and services in the most amazing way.

Our tallented artists can create for you:

Advertising Photos
- Ultra High Quality photos of products
- Glamour photos, focused in garments and clothes
- Beauty and fashion photos, focused in hairstyle and make-up
- Jewellery and wearables

Advertising Videos
- Indoors or outdoors, we use top quality equipment and lots of artistic impression!

Advertising 3D animations
- Animations that use custom models or 3D scanned models of your products.

Contact us for more information and custom solutions to your adcertising content needs.


Dirfimedia OÜ

Sepapaja 6, 15551, Tallinn,
tel: +372 602 7903

  • Our Mission
    In Dirfimedia OÜ we want our clients to be confident that their visions and need will be materialized in the best way.

  • Art and Technology
    While we try our best to deliver cutting edge content always delivering the Best of Quality possible, we keep our artistic view always in high standards in order to give an artistic touch in every work we deliver.